3M Reflective Rope Laces for Adidas NMD's - Dark Grey


3M Reflective Rope Laces

These premium 3M ropelaces are exclusively custom made for our store and we have sold thousands in the various colors we offer since the release of Adidas's newer shoes like the NMD. These will work very well in Tubular Doom's, NMD's, Radial's or Ultra Boost. In UB's they may be a little tight fitting to get in at first but they will fit.

Color: Dark Grey
Lengths Available:

36" (inches) - 90(centimeters)
42" (inches) - 106 centimeters

Material: polyester + 3M Scotch Lite Ultra Reflective Fibers
The NMD's shown are using 36" - 90cm laces and are a size US 10.5

$ 5.75